New Jersey Granny 102 Released From Hospital After Beating COVID-19

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A New Jersey grandmother, who survived the Spanish Flu, is back home resting after overcoming the [/news/coronavirus/index.html coronavirus].
Josefa De Los Santos, originally from the Dominican Republic, was released from a local hospital May 4 after she was hospitalized due to pneumonia in late April.   
[ ] reported that De Los Santos, who celebrated her 102nd birthday April 20, spent six days in the medical facility before she was finally discharged.
'I have beaten the virus with the care of my family,' De Los Santos said.
Josefa De Los Santos was released from a New Jersey hospital May 4 after beating the coronavirus. The 102-year-old native of the Dominican Republic also overcame the Spanish Flu
Josefa De Los Santos holds a rose while lying down on her bed inside her West New York, New Jersey, home last week after she was discharged from a hospital after contracting COVID-19. De Los Santos, who spent six days hospitalized after developing pneumonia, celebrated her 102nd birthday April 20 
Family members hold a parade April 20 to mark the 102nd celebration of Josefa De Los Santos outside her home in West New York, New Jersey
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The Dominican Republic native returned to her West New York residence and was in great spirits as she was surrounded by her family, who expect her to be back to her self. 
'It is a miracle to see her return home and defeat COVID-19', her granddaughter Madelyn Tejada said.
The state of New Jersey has reported the second-highest of deaths, 9,310, linked to the coronavirus. The state's 21 counties have registered 139,945 confirmed cases.
At least 3,340 victims of succumbed to the deadly virus were listed over the age of 80. 
The global pandemic has caused the death of 80,087 people and sickened 1,344,512 other in the United States.
Josefa De Los Santos is cared for by her family inside her New Jersey home last week after she was discharged from a hospital, where she spent six days battling the coronavirus
Josefa De Los Santos rests comfortably in her bed after beating out the coronavirus. The 102-year-old Dominican Republic native also overcame the Spanish Flu


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