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The legendary Ringo Starr brought his 13th All Starr band to the Hard Rock Live this evening. The audience mostly consisting of Beatle fans, young and old, was in for a rock-and-roll treat with tonight's performance. This year's line-up is a veteran who's who in the rock world: Steve Lukather (Toto), Gregg Rolie (Santana, Journey), Todd Rundgren (solo artist, the bands Utopia, The Nazz), Richard Page (Mr.

Mister), Mark Rivera (Billy Joel), and Gregg Bissonette (session and touring drummer for David Lee Roth). As with all the previous All Starr tours Starr and the members of the band basically switch off and perform their own hits; which makes the evening more special and a rather unique experience. It reminded me of an I-Pod shuffle; you really don't know what song or musician is going to be spotlighted next.

I saw Ringo and his All Starr band last year at this same venue. I have to admit seeing 'a Beatle' live is a real kick in the pants for me. Especially since they're my favorite band (I've seen McCartney twice). The atmosphere here is very much like Starr himself; laid back and ramped up for a good time rock extravaganza that went on for two hours. Starr sat behind his famous drum kit for the majority of the show laying the back beat for his famous band mates.

When he did venture to the forefront and took center stage he joked with the audience, did a little dance, made his way from one side of the stage to the other, did jumping jack's, and thoroughly enjoyed himself. It's a great thing to see a performer who still enjoys the music and the fans after all these years; Starr has been on the music scene for over 50 years. Ringo performed his hits to an elated crowd.

We sung with him on "It Don't Come Easy," "I Wanna Be Your Man," "Photograph," and "Act Naturally." Of course the highlight for the sold out audience and garnered the biggest crowd response (which included a standing room only sing-along love fest) were the rousing Beatle classics, "Yellow Submarine," (how can you not have fun with that song) "With A Little Help From My Friends," and the encore swan song, John Lennon's classic, "Give Peace A Chance." Obviously Starr is the main attraction of the show.

But that's not taking anything away from the All Starr's. Todd Rundgren has a huge following and treated the audience to "Bang The Drum All Day," and "Love Is The Answer." It was great to hear these tunes performed live on stage by the man himself. Rolie performed the Santana staple songs "Evil Ways," and "Black Magic Woman." Lukather followed through with Toto's biggest chart topping hits "Rosanna," "Africa," and "Hold The Line," which brought the sold out audience to its feet.

Not to be out sung Page rallied the crowd with "Kyrie," and "Broken Wings." The most humorous and unexpected moment of the night came when a guitar speaker went out. From behind his kit Ringo's British wit came through when he remarked, "Plug it in and it blows up." A minute or two later he added speaking to Lukather, "We can't go on. You're the bloody guitarist," and "that's why I play drums." All was well as the roadies scrambled back and forth got the amp working and the show began once again.

With a band and set list like this it's impossible not to have a great time. Ringo Starr and ( His All Starr Band is a class act from start to finish. There is something here for everyone. I'm sure if Ringo comes around this way again next year so will we.